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The ritual

As can clearly be seen the Order was derived form the Order of the Secret Monitor and it remains very strongly associated with it. Only Princes of the Order of the Secret Monitor are eligible to join, there are three Grades of the Order equivalent to the three degrees of Craft masonry.

Upon their Induction, Companions initially become Ostiarii or Doorkeepers within the Order, and Henceforth may designate themselves as Companions

of the Scarlet Cord.

The Second and Third Grades are also conferred in a Consistory, when the candidates become Lectors and Fellows, respectively. An unusual feature of

the Order is that a Companion may be elevated to a higher Grade in any Consistory, so long as there are 28 days between each respective ceremony.


Further preferment within the Order is only conferred upon candidates at the invitation of the Grand Summus.

Like most Masonic Orders, the Order of the Scarlet Cord’s ceremonies are based upon biblical allegory, centred around incidents found in the

Old Testament.

Each inspiring ceremony is from a different and at first an apparent unrelated biblical incident, which are ultimately bound together in an informative

and dramatic climax in the Third Grade.

All the ceremonies involve participation by a relatively large number of Consistory members, and while there is every opportunity for keen ritualists

to shine, there are also many possible for less practiced Companions to participate in a rewarding and meaningful manner.

Each Consistory is presided over by a President who is elected annually. Uniquely after being elected, the President Elect is then prepared for the

Office of President in a Preparation Ceremony, following which he becomes an Eminent Companion. After his Installation he becomes a Distinguished Companion.

As there are only a few Consistories in the Province there is a small but exclusive membership which inevitably forms strong bonds of friendship.


Visiting is also a strong feature of the Order, and visitors are always warmly welcomed.

Visiting other Provinces is also encouraged and much reciprocal visiting takes place, thus forming lasting friendships which would not otherwise occur.


More information can be found on the Scarlet Cord Website at Mark Masons Hall, London 

For membership application forms contact Gloucestershire, Herefordshire, and Wiltshire

Provincial Grand Recorder - Em Comp David Hargreaves

Or the

Provincial Grand Summus - R. Dist Comp Stephen White

If you would like to know more about joining the “Order of the Secret Monitor” the 1st step in joining Scarlet Cord please contact:


Wy. Bro. David Hargreaves

OSM Provincial Grand Recorder

For the Province of Gloucestershire & Herefordshire

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