Some fun pictures of the Companions enjoying themselves amongst friends at the Provincial Grand Senatus on the 27th November 2021.

Scarlet Cord at its Best.


Friends enjoying the Festive Board together 

The Old School.JPEG

The Old Guard


The Boss doing what he does best

Told what to do.JPEG

Even the Big Boss gets told what to do.

David Wheeler.JPEG

You can see why there is a Hi Vis jacket about, when you have a Smile like this.

Said Something Right.JPEG

Must of said something right

Deep in Throught.JPEG

Deep in thought. (whats this costing me)

Deep in Conversation.JPEG

I will say this only once

Hands in Pockets.JPEG

Get your hands out your pockets, your not at school now. 


A smart bunch of gentlemen all ready to go.

Fun Times.JPEG

This is how Scarlet Cord makes you feel.